To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Connect the common wire to the neutral terminal of the furnace's control board. Proper returns are rarely a thought. A MERV 16 filters particles at a level near that or a HEPA. He has several years experience as a professional cabinet builder, and he is an accomplished auto repairman, having operated an auto repair business for many years. H.R. So How Do We Adjust Fan Speed? To understand how this works, let's look at the wiring on your furnace's blower. Additionally, they can be identified by the presence of a removable module/bell on the end of the motor. Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and T-Stat Controls, 3-Speed, 4-Wire Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring. Which thermostat wires control the furnace fan? Only 3 of the 5 colored wires may be used at a time. The noise of forced air is annoying. Top Ten Interview Tips to Land that HVAC/R Job! For instance, here's the procedure to change a furnace's fan speed with a PSC blower motor: Use a multimeter to measure the resistances of each speed wire. By clicking '. There is no humidistat. We recommend our users to update the browser. I found one glued to the back of my furnace door, one in the manual, and maybe one on-line too. I have a Trane Variable Speed Air Handler (TWE049E13FB2). R and BK are tied together. Our Privacy Policy governs the use of your information. To adjust the dip switches, turn the power off and take a flat head screw driver to lightly push the dip switches to the on/off desired position for each numbered switch. This control board is out of a variable speed furnace with a modulating gas valve that has a variable speed inducer motor. Remove two screws from each bracket leg holding the motor. A slim, removable cover will reveal the filter location. Step 3. Remove the motor and mounting bracket. I want it for the same reason as cliff--the top floor of my house is colder than the main floor and I'd like to even things out by moving more air around. Pollen, dust, clothing and carpet fibers, hair spray, mold spores, Pollen, dust, clothing and carpet fibers, hair, mold spores, legionella, pet dander, Pollen, dust, clothing and carpet fibers, hair spray, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, cooking oil, most tobacco smoke, smog, Air filters are the first defense against the pollutants in your air, but building a complete air filtration system can help support an even higher quality of indoor air. You have to switch the wires to the blower motor. Its time to clear the air. ECM Multi-Speed Blower Motor (Genteq X-13). Based on some randomly googled comments here: seems to agree it decreases efficiency but may increase comfort [ex: cold spots or noise level] :). I just had a Trane system installed last week and I've been very happy with it! Note also that there is always just "one blower" but that blower may or may not be variable speed, etc. Turn off the emergency HVAC shutoff switch Remove top and bottom cover panels on the air handler / furnace unit (fig.5.1). Mine. This X-13 model shown above designates the speeds taps as numbers, not as colors, to denote each speed. You need to find the wires that determine blower speed inside your furnace. Western VA. Nov 28, 2009. When the summer air conditioning season transitions to the fall heating season, increase the blower speed by switching the wires on the cool and heat terminals. One thing I found consistently was that making changes on the RS-485 hydro heat control board and W1-W3 jumpering had notable effects (more CFM's at my test register) while messing with the mainboard DIP switches had little to no effect. Please note that mounting bracket consists of top and bottom brackets joined by 6 metal screws (fig.6.9). Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. I have a Trane XV90 propane furnace with a variable speed blower. Run a jumper from "R" to "Y2" and the blower will run continuously at the second-stage cooling speed. Bundle Packs are a great way to save and get faster shipping! ECM Multi-Speed Blower Motor (Broad Ocean Type), For an ECM blower motor with wires exiting the module (shown above), the speed is changed at the control board by moving the colored wire terminals. Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! Use dish soap and a soft-bristle brush or sponge to remove stuck-on debris. Choose the Trane owner guide thats specific to your unit for detailed instructions on locating and changing yourairfilter. Other than removing the module and seeing burnt components it must be diagnosed by a professional with a techmate tool ( allows you to test the motor and module and determine cause of error). So if you are actually moving 1250 CFM then you are at 357 CFM/ton, which is a good setup for dehumidifying. By Pressing submit, I consent that my information be shared with Trane approved affiliates and third party partners, including connecting me with a local Trane dealer to be contacted about products and services. Remember that CFM stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute. Mutually exclusive execution using std::atomic? You can change the settings for cfm fan speed, but you have to do it manually at the board. The remaining colored wires will be default speeds. Each is associated with a different blower speed. Remove the air handler. During the awake hours I Hold the fan speed at either low or medium. Then, carefully switch it to the setting of your choice and push it back into the control board. Batch split images vertically in half, sequentially numbering the output files, Using indicator constraint with two variables. If it goes out of spec then on "very cold days" (when the furnace runs a lot) it could trigger an automatic shut off when the exchanger doesn't end up getting cooled enough, FWIW. On the furnace / air handler board you should have two wires on the "Y2" connection, assuming a two-stage cooling system. The heat exchanger warms up the incoming air and a blower or air handler sends the warm air throughout the home. Has anyone done this and can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't do this? Ilook forward to responding to many more! These connected to (park) terminals, which are not used and simply hold those two additional wire speeds. Standard blower motors operate at a single speed and cost around $450 to replace, including parts and labor, while variable-speed motors cost $600 and up. Thanks for the reply. Most homes are best served by a filter with a MERV rating of 8 to 13, but refer to your system's user manual or with a Trane employee for guidance. I got the sv96 100k btu 2stage furnace with variable fan and the xl18 4ton ac unit. She has experience researching and creating a wide range of home improvement and garden projects, and especially enjoys learning about fireplaces and exterior design. Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, and our products. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. They do this by coupling a sophisticated, programmable thermostat to a variable-speed motor. This will help prevent injury and. Typical setups include these wire colors with associated blower speeds. In order to measure air flow you could use a flow capture hood, a rotating vane anemometer, or a hot wire anemometer. You may freely link Put the air handler back. CFM stands for "cubic feet per minute." Yes: you will save electricity costs by running your blower on low. Of course all that heat was lost because of the ridiculous number of vents in our foundation. On this control board, there are multiple adjustments for the airflow speeds. -The "Blower-on and Blower-off delay" time period can be selected. I Tried a Hands-Free Dog Leash, and I No Longer Dread Walking My Dog, This Simple Trick Can Refresh Your Entire Home, 30 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Add to Your Checklist, Do not Sell or Share My Personal Information. STEP-BY-STEP REPLACEMENT GUIDE Turn off air conditioning / heat from the thermostat. Follow us on Facebook for Quick Tips and Updates here! Click System Options. There is no mechanism to change this. Trane. Air filters are measured by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values (MERV). It was working a week ago but just recently when it runs it blows out cold air. -The "AUX Heat" makes sure that there is enough airflow when elect strip heat is called. I think that when it is in enhanced mode the fan only runs at 50%, you can try changing your dip switches to see. I hope this helps you understand how to adjust the airflow speed on ECM Blower Motors! Roughly 400 CFM is needed for every 1 ton (12,000 BTU/HR) of Heat Removal Capacity in Air Conditioning Systems. Realizing this after a very long period of investigation, I eventually turned up the fan speed dial; this seemed to correct the problem initially, until one night a week later lying in bed I heard it do the same thing but but after a much longer run time. It provides quieter and more even and comfortable heat than a conventional furnace and doesnt consume electricity unnecessarily. On the furnace / air handler board you should have two wires on the "Y2" connection, assuming a two-stage cooling system. A second filter location for most HVAC systems and furnaces is the air handler portion of the system. I am currently heavily invested in studying and learning the subject as I commit myself to reducing my winter energy costs this year. How do I check if this furnace switch the blower to second speed. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. maryland_irisman 14 years ago As suggested by the others, you should balance the air flow and the fan cfm should be matched to the system and duct system. The constant air turn over at a lower set point keeps the house comfortable. Air Filters remove dust, lint, pet dander, and other pollutants so you can breathe easier knowing your indoor air quality is better with Trane. It allows three constant fan speeds as well as an automatic fan speed and a variable burn rate and compressor and fan speed. Comfort R should be off if you are using . Filters help protect the many parts of your heating and cooling unit from debris and buildup that can shorten the working life of the system. Allow the filter to completely dry before returning it to the device. Thus, my blower can't be using that much electricity on high. Many gas-fired, high-efficiency furnaces also save on the electricity required to power the blower motor, though this savings is not factored into the AFUE rating. Does that have any impact on the efficiency of the unit? Then switch the jumper to your desired speed. Fortunately, theres a simple fix if you look at your furnaces Integrated Furnace Control (IFC) board. The house cools off quick - too quick - and feels humid (not sure of the rh%). The automatic feature rarely kicks in once at set point. low would be 350 CFMs/ton, medium 400 CFMs/ton, high 450 CFMs/ton. Remember that a heat pump in heating mode will need to run with roughly the same airflow speed as during AC mode even though it may not be comfortable for the building occupant. In support of this: I found the mfr owner's manual for my furnace and in it, it states, "if you have an air-conditioning coil installed, you should switch the furnace blower speed to high to accommodate the decreased air-flow caused by the cooling coil in the plenum.". Well, it does make sense that lowering the blower speed would reduce its electrical consumption. Adjust the fan speed, and if you're still experiencing problems, contact your local American Standard Customer Care dealer. It offers three settings: 525 RPM for saving energy, 900 RPM for heating, or 1100 RPM for air conditioning. It can happen for lots of reasons, from improper furnace sizing and dirty filters to air duct insulation failures to the room being farthest from the furnace. Recently I did a blower speed adjustment on the 2nd floor air. It is a Trane S8X1 single stage furnace and air handler, paired with an XR16 3 ton AC unit. H.R. Test your knowledge with our 1,000 question workbook along with the answer key! Step 2: Remove the panel cover of the furnace. Tools that we use: That said the contractor has no real incentive to get it right. The boiler is feeding a DHW sidearm and furnace plenum HX. If you really wanted to be scientific, you could perform an experiment and post the results here. mentions that it was the original design of radiant floor heat systems by the Romans. How to change blower speed on furnace - Trane XB 2018 Ryan W 794 subscribers Subscribe 185 44K views 4 years ago A quick description on how to change the blower speed on your furnace. Can I retrofit a 2-speed or variable speed blower on a Payne PG8UAA forced air furnace? Should I upgrade to a pcm br compatible thermostat? 10 Reasons a Blower Fan Won't Start in a Furnace, AC or Heat Pump. Copyright 1995-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Certified Welder Soak the filter in warm water in a bathtub or sink. View our Privacy Policy here. Not every AC or furnace filter will have an arrow printed on the frame, but when it does the arrow indicates the direction the filter must face. If the terminals are present at the motor module (ECM X-13) you can switch speeds at the blower motor location. The automatic feature rarely kicks in once at set point. A MERV rating speaks to the filters ability to capture large particles. I needed to go the opposite direction and increase fan speed. Move the high-speed wire to low. No: you will not save on gas/oil costs by running your blower on low. Anyone? So I continued to play around with different combinations tonight. I want to increase volume flow if possible. For this reason, pair your Variable Speed AC unit with one of the following components: Hyperion TAM9 Air Handler, XC 80 Gas Furnace, XC 95M Furnace, or S9V2. (Without enclosing my house in a climate-controlled bubble). I want to do what is best. By regularly changing your filter, you can improve your indoor air quality and extend the life of your heating and cooling system. If you want to learn about refrigerants and how they work in a system, check out our Refrigerant Charging and Service Procedures for Air Conditioning book . These blower motor versions can be found in furnaces, air handlers, and packaged units. You will need to look at what the programmed speed designations are for M1/M2/M3/M4/M5 on the wiring diagram of the HVAC unit. Browse other questions tagged, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site. Invention prototypes are another of his many accomplishments. This means that any time cooling is called for by the control board, 24v will be present on the #4 terminal of the motor module to turn the motor on and to run at roughly 1200 CFM. We have been heating the crawl space in our house for several winters because the ductwork was all torn up from rats. During the awake hours I Hold the fan speed at either low or medium. Heres What It Means, Why You Should Monitor the Humidity Levels In Your Home. Example: 1200 CFM is needed for a 3 ton 36,000 BTU/HR system. Wires from the 16 pin plug are connected to this board. View our Privacy Policy here. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. There are often five wire colors coming from your blower to your IFC. I'll edit my answer and include the exact parameters I'd record every day for a thorough study. All information is provided "AS IS." On my furnace the schematic showed there were three speed settings. In humid climates, 350 CFM per ton can be selected in order to remove more moisture from the air. Tied from R to BK in air handler. Since I first posted this thread, my installer called Trane to get an answer to my original question. Therefore for anybody thinking to adjust their blower speed to a low setting be mindful and use caution and listen carefully as to how the system is running. Trane is a top rated US company of HVAC systems that offer quality and reliability. The only alternative is to raise the discharge temperature. Carefully disconnect the wires from the coolant terminal, which is located on the back of the unit. However, a higher MERV rating may not be best for your system. and as I recall, you have the HW VP IAQ stat. He maintains fruit and nut trees along with helping his wife with a vegetable garden. There are several tutorials on Youtube about how to do this step for specific inducer motor brands. I'm also a little concerned that this furnace might be a little undersized for our house (if I understand correctly, its a 100 BTU unit). Sometimes you have to add more ducts to achieve the proper pressure and velocity. Here are how my dip switches are set: Did the installer tie in a humidistat there on that V/S blower . I have been reading that the br wire can be used to let the thermostat control the fan speed, or the furnace itself can be programmed to ramp up the fan speed. Remove both of these wires and wire nut them together. The line voltage and 24v common are connected at the top and are labeled as C, L, G, N. The 24v common is C and the ground wire is G. For a 120v unit, the L is the 120v hot and the N is the 120v neutral. I've gone through the process of adjusting the manual zone louvres on the main ducts (and on registers) and checked them with my camera for blockages. Copyright -The "AC/HP CFM Adjust" is the airflow volume to be set for system, efficiency, comfort. To switch the jumper, you will need to hold onto it gently as you pull it out of its current setting. The blower is set for 400 cfm for a 4 ton outdoor unit, and comfort-R is not enabled (all factory). In Dungeon World, is the Bard's Arcane Art subject to the same failure outcomes as other spells? Presently the settings for the cooling mode is speed 7 (C1.7), heating mode at speed 5 (H1.5), and continuous fan mode is set at the lowest speed (CF.1). Cross country truck driver -- over dimensional freight 1995-2023 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. I understand the reason for slowing the air to remove humidity. This will cause the "Cool" terminal on the control board to be connected to to the #4 terminal on the motor module via the black wire. The wire's color will determine the speed settings that the motor will run at. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Not the answer you're looking for? I've already had a few HVAC vendors give me some specious arguments about moisture buildup, another even told me he'd "lose his license" if he touched the job. So the blower motor is dead. He is experienced in wood and metal construction, having designed and built several houses and metal buildings. The manometer tells you the CFM number. You will also see the red E icon under Emergency .
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